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New York Times Review of Peasprout Chen

“I confess I had fun imagining the elevator pitch for Henry Lien’s fantasy debut: “It’s Hermione Granger meets ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ meets the Ice Capades meets ‘Mean Girls.’” For all its disparate ingredients, though, PEASPROUT CHEN: FUTURE LEGEND OF SKATE AND SWORD . . . speaks in a single, strong voice, thanks to its spirited heroine.” Read the whole thing here:
New York Times

Ouija Boards, Oracle Monkeys, and Vegan Delights

What do ouija boards, oracular monkeys, and vegan delights have in common? Find out by reading this boisterous interview I did with author Camille DeAngelis for our debut author’s group. I can’t mention its name, though. It’s a stealth ninja debut author’s group. MORE


“Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters” has been nominated for the Nebula. MORE