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I’ve been getting messages from readers asking about the status of PEASPROUT CHEN, book 3. In fact, it appears to be the top PEASPROUT CHEN related Google search. I fling myself at your skates in gratitude for your interest in my miserable and less than trash novels. Here’s an update.

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I’m taking my time with the third book because it is the end of the trilogy and I’d always planned to save the best for last. I can’t talk about it in detail but here are some crumbs:


The Return to Shin: Much of the book takes place in Shin!

The Heist: The plot centers on a heist. The students of Pearl Famous go on a mission to put on a fake Wu Liu performance in the imperial palace in Shin. The real purpose of the mission is to steal the purported reincarnate of the Emperor of Shin and bring him back to Pearl as a human shield to prevent Shin from invading Pearl.

The Light Whips: There will be a new form of Wu Liu in the book focused on whips that flash light as a secret semaphore language. It’s like kung fu plus disco plus Beat Saber plus Morse code plus whips. Because of the focus on the secret light code, most of the novel will take place at night.

The Best Plot Twist: I’ve saved up the very best, most surprising, most emotionally resonant plot twist for book 3. I’d always planned this. It’ll break your heart but then it’ll put it back together.

Crick and Doi Get Their Due: Readers have been clamoring for Crick and Doi to get a break and finally receive the recognition and good fortune they deserve. I promise they get it, except it won’t look like what you might want or expect because, hey let’s face it, that’s me.

Peasprout Grows Up: I throw some very hard decisions at Peasprout. I wanted to give Peasprout some room to grow throughout the three book arc. I think you’ll be very proud of our girl to see her doing the right thing, even when the right thing is the hardest thing.

New Song: The new song for the third book is written and recorded! I can’t share it publicly yet, but it’s the best of all the PEASPROUT CHEN related songs.

My publisher Holt (IG: @henryholtbooks, Twitter: @henryholt) hasn’t committed to the third book so there is no release date to report yet. Don’t worry, the book will definitely come out in text and on audio (I have a backup publisher). However, feel free to let Holt know that you’re excited for the conclusion of Peasprout’s journey. #PeasproutChenBook3

May we meet here in the new year.
May we meet here in Pearl.