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Peasprout Chen Launch Highlights Video and Boys Who Support Girl Power

Here’s a video of highlights from the launch of PEASPROUT CHEN, FUTURE LEGEND OF SKATE AND SWORD including an interview with a young boy blogger who supports girl power.

One of the most meaningful things to come out of PEASPROUT CHEN has been seeing young boys supporting and getting excited about a book that not only features a female lead but that is unabashedly about girl power.

I’d love for you all to please check out this charming video that 12 year old video blogger and junior reporter Oscar the Gameboy did of the PEASPROUT CHEN launch.

Oscar has huge energy and presence. Give this kid his own talk show! And he harnessed his talents to help spread the word about a book about girl power. Further, at the launch, he pulled out a pocketful of crumpled one dollar bills that he had saved up to buy himself a copy of PEASPROUT CHEN. Can we get an “awwww”, please??

I very deliberately strove to write a book that challenged the binary of girls’ books vs boys’ books. Oscar is one glorious affirmation that I’m doing something right, doing something that matters, doing something to help usher in the future that can’t come quickly enough.

You can watch it here: YouTube