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Henry Lien, Author

Podcast Interview with Me on Weird Fiction Show “The Outer Dark”

The Weird Fiction show “The Outer Dark” has relaunched this rollicking and candid podcast interview with me from late December 2015.

Here is the link: Outer Dark Interview with Henry Lien

“There‚Äôs no one quite like Henry Lien in spec-lit today. He has generated major buzz with just six unique stories. . . . On this episode of The Outer Dark, Henry pulls back the curtain on his creative process starting with the rigorous questions he asks himself before moving forward with an idea, diving into stories as ‘thought experiments,’ putting pressure on his writing and matching concept with format, the importance of humor in ‘humanizing’ and ‘bridging centuries and miles,’ the potential for ‘wonder in modest concepts’ and exploring them to their logical conclusion and how he pushes outside himself to tell stories from the viewpoint of girls and women.” — Scott Nicolay, host of “The Outer Dark”