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Priceless Treasures Giveaway

My heart is filled with 10,000 strains of joy to announce that each lunar period, I shall gift priceless PEASPROUT CHEN treasures including signed books, audiobooks, and Nobody and the Fire-Chickens T-Shirts! Enter by subscribing to my newsletter HERE. More details below.

Treasures to be given away include:
Signed hardcovers
Signed paperbacks
Signed audiobooks
Signed Advance Reader Editions
Signed endpaper maps
and (taiko drum roll) Nobody and the Fire-Chickens t-shirts!

Enter for a chance to be joyful and lucky by signing up for my newsletter at Free shipping within the American Imperium. Children shall need to beg their venerable parents for permission to enter. 

All who sign up shall receive a link to download high audio quality M4A files of the three PEASPROUT CHEN theme songs (plus a mysterious bonus song). The newsletter shall include auspicious content such as free ebooks of short fiction and blog contemplations.

The more signups I receive, the more treasures I’ll keep gifting, so please share!

May we meet here in the New Year,
May we meet here in Pearl.

Sensei Master Lien Henry