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Henry Lien, Author

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword

Fantasy/adventure about a girl determined to take top ranking at Pearl Famous Academy of Skate and Sword where she will study Wu Liu, a form that blends figure skating with martial arts. Holt/Macmillan. Age: 8 and up (middle grade). MORE

Peasprout Chen: Battle of Champions

Now in her second year at Pearl Famous Academy of Skate and Sword, Peasprout faces new challenges in the form of leading a battleband to protect Pearl from Shin’s threat to invade; a mysterious new student who claims to be the heir of the Empress Dowager; terrifying dragons that the senseis warn are infesting the surrounding waters; and discovering the true secret of what the pearl is made of. Holt/Macmillan. Age: 8 and up (middle grade). MORE

Peasprout Chen Songs

The PEASPROUT CHEN books all have theme songs! There are three so far. You can download them below in M4A (iTunes) format for free. Music and lyrics by Henry Lien. Performed and produced by Henry Lien. Copyright 2018 – 2019 Henry Lien. Age: all ages.

Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters

Two dueling teenage divas vie for top ranking in a sport combining kung fu and figure skating at a vicious cram school for talented but spoiled girls. Age: 13 and up. Dec. 2013, Asimov’s. MORE

Supplemental Declaration of
Henry Lien

[short story]
True story about how I devised a logical system to continue communicating with my former partner after he died of cancer. Age: adult. Fall 2013, Interfictions. To download the PDF, click here: SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION OF HENRY LIEN (PDF). To read it online, click HERE.

The Great Leap of Shin

An imperial court eunuch devises a way to prevent earthquake casualties by organizing an unusual and epic engineering project to schedule the empire’s impending great earthquake. A boy from the island of Pearl, which will be drowned by the tsunami following the earthquake, is sent to stop the plan with an unexpected weapon. Age: 14 and up. Jan. 2015, Analog. MORE

The Ladies’ Aquatic Gardening Society

Two grandes dames of the Gilded Age battle for position in Newport society by planting increasingly outrageous and environmentally devastating theme gardens. Age: adult. Jun. 2015, Asimov’s. MORE

The Shadow You Cast Is Me

[short story]
A man in a troubled marriage secretly takes JPGs of his wife while she sleeps. She wakes up, catches him, and makes him an unexpected proposition to save their marriage. Age: adult. [Note: story contains mature content] May 2015, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. MORE

The Magic Paintbrush

[short story]
Contemporary retelling of classic Chinese fable, commissioned by Sesame Workshop in connection with their Emmy-Award Apple TV+ show Ghostwriter. Age: all ages. MORE